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Spray-in Bedliners at Brandon Collision

Pick-up trucks are rugged, tough vehicles, capable of a lot of big heavy cargo long distances. But trucks have always had an Achilles heel: the truck bed. Functional as they may be, the typical truck bed is vulnerable to all sorts of damage over time, including scuffs, scrapes, corrosion, water damage, increased vibration, and slipperiness.

What is TOFF?

Luckily, there is a solution to all of these problems: TOFF spray-in bedliners.

TOFF is a two-component, modified polyurea elastomer coating which is applied directly to the truck bed. It forms a durable, watertight seal around the bed and creates lasting protection from the aforementioned problems. We can treat your vehicle with TOFF spray-in bedliners at our service center in Tampa, FL.

Why should you get a TOFF spray-in bedliner?

The list of TOFF’s benefits goes on and on. First, there is the protection from physical objects. TOFF spray-in bedliners can handle all the wear and tear of boxes, barrels, power tools, heavy equipment, you name it, without taking any damage whatsoever. A truck bed without TOFF couldn’t say the same.

Then there are the other benefits:

  • Chemical protection
  • Slip resistance
  • Heat and cold protection
  • Noise dampening
  • Rust prevention.

Plus, TOFF preserves and can even increase the value of your car by keeping your truck bed as good as new. Best of all, TOFF comes with a lifetime warranty.

How do I get TOFF?

Luckily, Brandon Collision provides TOFF spray-in bedliners to our customers throughout Tampa and Florida. After a careful preparation process, with a color chosen specific to your truck bed, TOFF is sprayed and detailed. It dries almost instantly. By the time we are done your truck bed, will look like new. With unparalleled protection, a quick and easy installation process, and a lifetime guarantee, getting TOFF spray-in bedliners is a perfect solution to a truck’s biggest problems.

Let us fortify your vehicle with TOFF at Brandon Collision. Call us at 813-327-6632 or come by our Tampa, FL, collision center to speak with our knowledgeable service techs or schedule your spray-in bedliner appointment today!

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